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Many Dead Birds... Oil Paintings and Contemporary Art...

What do i paint?And Why?

Sometimes the message is only this.Many dead birds.Or people with strange faces. I frequently start with a character. An old lady or a pitiful little girl. I thought in days gone past that people are tragic and comic at the same time.I find in that,that is still true. That though has nothing to do with my Bosnian or ex-Yugoslavian context.

I paint no nostalgic memory or traumatism,That is however what people think. I show imperfections and that is the main point. Imperfect it cannot consider. I knew in advance what the whole picture would become:a woman and a bird near the ground which environment.That,i have unlearned. A moment came at which an artist know not how to continue painting. To work with the intention to paint whats in my head I have let go.

Now I trust in what my hand can know.The natural classification, the beginning point, is there. The color also, the color must be correct, there work you naartoe. I myself do not want to know the rest. You can try to predict a downpour, but it falls every time differently,in a different way..

Not Predictable: That still is tragically comic and not perfect,imperfections are the important things.No aim by itself but a condition needed for succeeding in creating a picture. People have naive ideals.They strive in living a type of perfection,even the perfection of anger. But look,for your gone.Agree on the painting with a tree, with, fields,with a downpour. Reality sits full of breaches. My paintings are not possible without those breaches.

A painting fails when those breaches are weighed consciously against each other. It succeeds just when I work with them together.The need for open spots in a doek pervays the idea. Sometimes work which opens spots opens eyes.Thus they also work on people. Another time arises there entrances. Doors or a key breach filled with color.Or a wound. Nature has openings, wounds.That is of it a part: without the case-bay it does not succeed. Perhaps this sounds abstract but without abstraction it makes nothing.

Art painting... Oil and abstract painting... My paintings are just as concrete as a tree-stump. Because a tree-stump is perfect because it is imperfect. A tree-stump is also unforeseeable. I think that our manner is also eventually completely incalculable. Thus a canvas must be incalculable.Differently this is not true to nature. That has do little with chaos. More with Logic. You start with a character and finish with a key breach.

You start with a childrens tale and you finish with a rock. Or in many cases with something that shows the flaws in a rock,the cracked areas, the cracks. Or you start with a woman who does not lie but also does not stand. And you finish with a game, to spot which has arisen and of which the meaning nobody escapes without needing to think. Thus goes that with painters. And also with characters. A joke which is tragic. A tragedy which becomes funny.

A painting can grow also from a denial. The denial is as concrete as a tree: I dont want to paint today.Humans have nothing but a form,the contents of a stone. There arises breaches around,something of sight.But is totally incomplete without an anchor. An anchor forces a person to be anchored.Is this correct, however? When I carry the anchor outside and with a trees agreement,If It is I that wins the tree. Often the painting suffers a defeat. But from time to time that isn't so.

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